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"I'm here, I'm there, I'm fucking everywhere. I'm the eggman."
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f_ckitybye wrote in lastvoyageslogs
Who: Malcolm Tucker and YOU
What: Someone's got Belthazor's powers. Fear him.
Where: Various locations throughout the Barge.
When: From Wednesday midday to Thursday midday.
Warnings: Malcolm.
Note: REX'S NANOMITES STRIKE AGAIN. Malcolm's got a 24-hour dose of Belthazor-style demon powers! He can teleport ("shimmer"), shoot energy balls, and has magically augmented strength/stamina/senses. Feel free to put him into situations where he gets to learn just what he can do. I'm putting some day-in-the-life-style spam tags in the comments, but feel free to start your own thread too -- just put in the time of day and where you meet him. Eventually Belthazor should get wind of this, at which point he is more than welcome to give Malcolm a hard time.

ETA: And once again, LJ is being a cock and I'm not getting notifs. >|


Malcolm had greeted the flood's end with some relief; it was nice to be upright again. He had, of course, no intention of confessing that he'd been the one to bite Adam (who he didn't know anyway); nor was he about to apologise, since as far as he was concerned, it was all self-defence.

The rest of Tuesday and Wednesday morning were uneventful. After breakfast, per his usual routine, he went down to the library and began his usual scan of the journal network, and also started writing up his long-postponed The Week That Was.

After a while, he remembered he probably ought to eat. He packed up his things and started thinking about heading up to the dining hall. No sooner did he have that thought than...

...he was standing right there, briefcase in hand.


That was really fucking interesting.

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11:30 AM - Just outside the dining hall.

[Have a flummoxed Malcolm who just appeared OUT OF FUCKING NOWHERE.]

[Bob is walking out of the dining hall, having got his snack. He takes a moment to take in Malcolm's presence.] Hello, Malcolm.

[Malcolm jumped at the sound of Bob's voice and reflexively smoothed out his suit by way of trying to cover his own confusion.]


[Pause. Look around.]

You see that?

I see you, now. Were you invisible?

12:45 PM - After lunch, in the halls.

[Malcolm makes a point of leaving the dining hall on foot, in full view of anyone who's watching. Eventually he gets to an isolated stairwell and decides to try this teleportation thing again. He makes sure there's no one watching, settles on a normally secluded corner of the deck as his destination and ... hey, look, there he is. He looks around in triumph, fairly sure no one has seen this. He is, of course, wrong.]

[Damon stares at the spot that had recently been Malcolm free.]

What. The. Hell.

... Malcolm?

[Oh fucksticks.]


[He straightens his tie and lapels as if nothing unusual had ever happened.]

[Flustered, Malcolm decides he'd better just go back to his room. After finding a secluded origin spot, he shimmers out and reappears. Except in his state, he's got the floor wrong and he's now on Level 6, outside of room 5. Fucking hell.]

Re: 2:30 PM - Level 6

[Per discussion with athames: assuming that here Belthazor encountered Malc, resulting in a highly twitchy discussion that ended with Malc shimmering his arse away from the demon.]

[Well, superpowers or not, he's not fucking skiving off work. So he shows up at the kitchen--on foot again--and starts getting ready.]

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[Paddy's busy cleaning the sides before he starts cooking.] Hey, Malc. What's up? [He doesn't know anything's up with Malc.]

Re: 5:30 PM - Kitchen

[Lying like a lying thing! You know how in S3.07 he's telling everyone he went to Ibiza or some other random vacation spot for his holiday? It's like that.]

Enjoying having two legs and fucking opposable thumbs, mate. No more, no less.

[He's going through the usual meticulous ritual of removing jacket and tie and donning the apron. Takes a deep breath, and notices something smells ... off. Sniffs the air.]

You smell that?

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10:00 PM - Malc's cabin

[Christ, what a fucking day. He finds a secluded jumping-off point and shimmers back to his room, this time getting it right.]

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(Deleted comment)

10:00 PM - Malc's cabin

[Angelica is already starting to unlace her bodice, very ready for some alone time with her husband, and like Sexby she's not paying much attention to their destination. In fact, she's fairly certain they've counted the number of doors correctly, so when the room suddenly looks quite different than usual she grabs Sexby by the collar with a start. Oh God's Blood, there's somebody in the cabin already.]

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
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